The Dermatology Nurses’ Association’s 32nd Annual Convention

DNA 2014 Annual Meeting


May 1-4, 2014

Orlando, Florida
Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin


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Even if you cannot attend the Dermatology Nurses’ Association’s 32nd Annual Convention in sunny Orlando, Florida, DNA wants to make sure you have the tools and education to help you, your friends, family and patients stay protected from the sun all year round!

Here are some simple steps to help make you make sure you, your loved ones and patients stay sunAWARE:

A: Avoid unprotected exposure to sunlight, seek shade and never indoor tan.

W: Wear sun protective clothing, including a long-sleeved shirt, pants, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses all year-round.

A: Apply the recommended amounts of broad-spectrum sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) >  30 to all exposed skin and reapply every two hours, or as needed.

R: Routinely examine your whole body for changes in your skin and report concerns to a parent or healthcare provider.

E: Educate your family and community about the need to be sunAWARE.

For more information about SunAWARE or DNA, visit our website at

Along with the resources available on DNA’s website, there are several tools available online to help with skin cancer prevention. Some of the most useful, free resources are made available through the government, nonprofit organizations and professional organizations (such as DNA and the American Academy of Dermatology [AAD]).

Government Resources
The United States Environmental Protection Agency provides information about the UV index, UV forecast and the health risks associated with the UV radiation, along with online videos about sun protection. To receive more information about these important skin cancer prevention factors, including the current UV index for your zipcode, click here.

Nonprofit Organizations

The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing skin cancer incidence, morbidity and mortality through awareness, prevention, early detection, research and advocacy. One of the ways the National Council provides a united voice for skin cancer prevention is through its national movement, Don’t Fry Day. Don’t Fry Day is a day dedicated to encourage sun safety awareness and to remind everyone to protect their skin against their sun’s harmful rays while enjoying outdoor activities. For more information about Don’t Fry Day, skin cancer prevention tips and skin cancer advocacy efforts through the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention, click here.


Professional Organizations

The American Academy of Dermatology’s SPOT Skin CancerTM  initiative aims to educate the public about skin cancer awareness and motivate individuals to make positive lifestyle changes to both detect and prevent skin cancer. Through the AAD’s website you can share your story, volunteer, and receive educational tools to help you understand skin cancer and how to prevent it. Click here for more information.


Resources for Educating Children and Young Adults

·SUNWise Program Toolkit- a collection of cross-curricular classroom lessons and background information for teaching the SunWise Program. Distributed free to registered schools, the Tool Kit contains a variety of fun, developmentally appropriate activities that combine education about sun protection and the environment with other aspects of learning. Click here for additional resources including videos, fact sheets and handouts from the EPA.

·SunAWARE materials- handouts, brochures and presentations that can be used in the classroom or during events.

·SunAWARE curriculum- resources from the Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation.

·Free SunAWARE Children’s Books- books available for download on your IPAD and Kindle from the Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation and

Visit these additional websites for information about sun protection:

·Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

·The Skin Cancer Foundation


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Who are they and where are they from?

Originally from upstate New York, Gomez moved to rural Maine when she was in middle school. It was such a small town that there were only 19 students in her graduating class. Eventually, she moved to Southwest Florida and has resided there for the past fifteen years. She still goes to Maine each summer to visit her family.



Both of her degrees are from Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida. Gomez received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2002 and Master of Science in Nursing in 2008


What are they presenting?

50 Shades of Neurotoxins and Dermal Fillers, May 2, 2:30-3:30 p.m.

Advanced Flaps and Grafts, May 2, 3:30-4:30 p.m.


What should attendees expect to take away from the presentations?

Gomez’s content should enhance attendees’ understanding of lesion evaluation and management in the periocular region, provide a pictoral journey through advanced facial reconstruction techniques, and highlight both the positive and negative side of Botox and dermal fillers.


How do they “Transform and Evolve”?

“I believe that medical assistants, nurses and advanced practice nurses should be empowered with the highest level of knowledge and skills available to assist them in working to their maximum potential within their scope of practice. To that end, individuals are able to transform themselves and evolve within the workplace.”


Who should attend this presentation?

Gomez says that anyone can attend and that she always tries to infuse audience participation into her lectures. Come with questions!


Fun Fact

One of her favorite things to do is fish. She especially enjoys bass fishing in Maine.


Most-Played Artists on their iPod

Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Jake Owen, Dave Matthews Band


What would they take to a deserted island?

Her children, a hot shower and fizzy water.

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Attending the Dermatology Nurses' Association's Annual Convention is an investment in your future. The DNA values the investment you make when you register for an Annual Convention and we make it our priority to ensure you receive the education and tools you need to transform and evolve your career.
Here's what your registration to the Annual Convention includes:
  • The opportunity to network and learn alongside other dermatology professionals. 
  • The chance to earn up to 14 contact hours through a variety of sessions, including tracks on pediatrics, cutaneous oncology, wound care, cosmetics and more. 
  • Product theater sessions that will allow you to learn about specific products and services of interest.
  • The chance to socialize with your peers, share ideas and gain insight on how to improve your writing skills at the JDNA Writers Workshop breakfast.
  • The opportunity to explore innovative procedurestreatmentstrends and products from our industry supporters in the exhibit hall.
  • Orlando discounts for Convention attendees, including specially priced tickets to Walt Disney World theme parks. 


For additional fees, the following educational opportunities are also available:


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Who are they and where are they from?

Dr. Jonathan Zager is originally from New York. He did his surgical residency at Montefiore Medical Center followed by a two year research fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and a two year Surgical Oncology Fellowship at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Zager was always fascinated by the biology of melanoma and sarcoma, and fell in love with the surgical oncology aspect of those specific diseases during his time at M.D. Anderson.

What are they presenting?

On Saturday, May 3, Zager will be presenting The Multidisciplinary Management of Non-Melanoma Skin Malignancies: Merkel Cell Carcinoma and Cutaneous Sarcomas from 11:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m., and Regional Therapy for Metastatic Melanoma from 3:00 p.m. until 4 p.m.

What should attendees take away from the presentation?

Zager hopes attendees learn how to diagnose and treat cutaneous sarcomas and Merkel cell carcinoma. “Rare tumors that will once in a while pop into a practice and it is nice to have some working knowledge of their management.”

How do they “Transform and Evolve”?

Zager has discussed the most recent publications and treatment modalities of cutaneous sarcomas, Merkel cell carcinoma and the diagnosis and management of regionally metastatic melanoma.

Who should attend this presentation?

“Anyone and everyone”

Fun Fact

Zager loves playing golf, hanging out with his family and exercising.

Most-Played Artists on their iPod

He loves listening to rap and hip-hop.

What would they take to a deserted island?

He would take his family, a boat, and lots of food and water.

The Last Word

Dr. Zager is looking forward to seeing everyone in Orlando! 

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Who are they and where are they from?

Dr. Jennifer Holman is from Tyler, TX originally, and received her undergraduate degree and MD from the University of Oklahoma. Following that, she did a pediatric internship and dermatology residency at the University of Missouri. She was drawn to her career by the opportunities and varieties of patients she could work with.

What are they presenting?

Holman will be presenting “Psoriasis in the Pediatric Population,” “Lasers as Medical Devices,” and “Great Cases From the Lone Star State.”

What should attendees take away from the presentation?

Holman hopes that attendees enjoy her presentation. She is hoping to challenge attendees’ current practices and change their thinking or practice.

Additionally, Psoriasis is a rapidly evolving diagnosis in dermatology both in the way we understand its pathology and treat it. Her session “Psoriasis in the Pediatric Population” will remind that kids are not just “little adults” and managing this population requires a special skill and knowledge set. “Lasers as Medical Devices” should provide attendees with the evidence and confidence to expand the use of devices they may already own and use. “Great Cases from the Lone Star State” will be a fun hour to challenge diagnostic skills and review some interesting cases.

How do they “Transform and Evolve”?

“Armed with education and an effort to practice evidence-based medicine – it is impossible not to evolve! As our medical climate changes and my children grow, I have no choice but to adapt and be thankful for the blessings that transition brings. I cannot be a better person, wife, mother, or physician if I choose to stay where I am today.”

Who should attend this presentation?

Anyone involved in the care of psoriasis patients would benefit from the pediatric perspective and the unique challenges of the population.

Lasers as medical devices would benefit anyone hoping to find new uses for the devices they own or hoping to begin utilizing laser technology in their practice.

Fun Fact

Holman ran a catering business in college for extra money and still knows her way around the kitchen!

Five Most-Played Artists on their iPod

Frozen Soundtrack, Glee, Taylor Swift, Beatles, any other Disney Princess. Holman is glad that Justin Bieber is no longer on there.

What would they take to a deserted island?

Holman would take her Bible, husband, and one of the survival experts from the Discovery Channel

The Last Word

Holman hopes to stimulate a shift in thinking about psoriasis as a whole in order to change the way we approach our psoriasis patients.




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This is the first in a five part series that will spotlight speakers from the upcoming DNA Convention. Today, the Spotlight is on Dr. Ted Rosen
Who are they and where are they from? 
Dr. Ted Rosen is currently a dermatologist in Houston, TX. He hails originally from Chicago and received his education at the University of Michigan. He attributes his career choice in Dermatology to a role model he had as a student, Dr. Peter Lynch. 
What are they presenting? 
Rosen will be presenting “STD Update,” “Gruesome Groins,” and “Innovative Therapeutics” on May 1st at the Nurse Practitioner Forum. 
What should attendees take away from the presentation?
Rosen hopes that the main takeaway from his presentation will be that not all genital lesions are STDs, and that ancillary testing is often required to diagnose genital lesions, while Morphology alone is not sufficient. He believes that these will be among the many “practical pearls” that attendees will be able to apply to their careers. 
How do they “Transform and Evolve”? 
Rosen embraces the theme of “Transforming and Evolving” by reading literature, attending conferences and looking for new trends and innovative solutions. 
Who should attend this presentation? 
Rosen says that anyone looking to be entertained at this year’s convention should attend his presentation. 
Fun Fact
Rosen has been an avid coin collector since he was 8 years old. 
Five Most-Played Artists on their iPod
Chris Spheeris, Adele, Avicii, David Guetta, and Armin van Buuren 
What would they take to a deserted island? 
Rosen would take his iPod, a small nuclear reactor to power his iPod, and a herd of sheep (because he loves lamb chops) to a deserted island. 
The Last Word
Rosen urges that all attendees come to his presentation with an open mind. 
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Convention Moderators Needed

Are you registered for DNA’s Annual Convention? If so, you are eligible to volunteer to be a convention moderator. Some responsibilities include attending a brief Moderator Orientation at the start of Convention, helping to keep sessions on time, introducing session speakers and helping attendees find seating. Help play a part in the success of DNA’s 32nd Annual Convention, become a moderator today!

If you have questions about volunteering, contact Caroline Olson, DNA Meeting Coordinator at

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What to Know Before You Go 
The 2014 DNA Convention is fast approaching and we’re here to make your convention experience the best yet. Here are five quick tips to help you prepare. 
1. If you haven’t registered yet, you should! 
It’s the simplest step of the convention experience, but some people forget to do it! Sign up at and  you’ll be on your way to Orlando, even if you haven’t booked your travel plans yet, which reminds us…
2. Set your travel plans well in advance.
Flights fill up fast, so be sure to book yours today. We’ve provided additional travel details to make your trip seamless. Whether it’s making sure you have transportation from the airport to the hotel, or simply making a hotel reservation, the information here will be a great help to you.  
3. Plan your sessions in advance. 
This year’s planning committee developed a robust program covering cutting-edge topics and research in dermatology presented by leading experts in the field. There’s a lot to choose from so you’ll want to take the time before arriving to review each of the sessions and plan your time in Orlando. Check out this year’s program and start planning now! 
4. What do I pack?
Not only is Florida known for a variety of weather from beautiful sunshine, to rain storms and everyone’s favorite…humidity, but hotels are notorious for having a variety of temperatures. Be sure to pack light layers to ensure you’re comfortable whether you’re sitting in a session, walking the exhibit hall, or going outside for some fresh air and sunshine. 
5. Experience Orlando. 
You’ve made the investment in your career by attending convention where you’ll have the opportunity to learn, network, transform and evolve, but there’s also a little time for fun. Check out some of the fun things you can do in Orlando after a day of sessions, or if you extend your stay for some much needed R&R. 
We hope these five tips help you prepare for this year’s meeting. See you in Orlando! 
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This year’s DNA Annual Meeting offers plenty of opportunities for you to continue your education. The diverse array of course offerings will allow you to learn from leaders in the industry while you round out your skillset. The theme of this year’s meeting is transforming and evolving, and there is no better way to fulfill that than immersing yourself in new and interesting specializations! The following are the tracks and courses offered at this year’s annual meeting.

Pediatric Dermatology

Sessions include:

  • Viral Conditions in the Pediatric Population

  • Vascular Lesions in the Pediatric Population

  • Atopic Dermatitis Treatment Update and International Use of Wetwrap Therapy

  • Mast Cell Disorders

  • Utilization of Skin Cancer Prevention Educational Products In Your Practice Setting

  • Psoriasis in the Pediatric Population


Wound Management

Sessions include:

  • Outpatient Dermatology: Redesigning the Wet Dressing Practice to Improve Outcomes and Decrease Cost

  • The World of Wound Care: A Guided Tour

  • When a Wound is Really Not a Wound


Medical Dermatology

Sessions include:

  • Acne Therapy: What's Old and What's New

  • Acne Treatment: Clinical and Psychosocial Dimensions

  • Cutaneous Symptoms of Lupus and Dermatomyositis (DM)

  • Bites and Stings

  • What's Your Assessment?

  • Pharmacologic Management of Dermatologic Diseases Part 1&2

  • Chemo and Radiation Environmental Health

  • Neoplastic Disorders

  • Pruritus


Cutaneous Oncology

Sessions Include:

  • Under the Microscope: A Look into Dermatopathology

  • Overview of HPV

  • Skin Cancer: A Focus on Prevention and Detection

  • Cutaneous Sarcomas

  • The Management of Locoregional Recurrent Melanoma

Cosmetic Dermatology

Sessions Include:

  • Interpreting Medical Literature

  • 50 Shades of Neurotoxins and Dermal Fillers

  • Skin of Color: From the Basic to the Practical

  • Hair Loss: It is More Than One Disorder!


Professional Practice

Sessions Include:

  • Skintimate Connections: Start the Conversation

  • The Importance of Mentoring in Nursing

  • Laser Technology for Medical Indications


Dermatology Surgery

Sessions Include:

  • Pre and Postoperative Planning for the Surgical Patient

  • Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers: Early Recognition, Biopsy, and Management

  • Advanced Flaps and Grafts for Facial Reconstruction Following Skin Cancer Removal

For a complete Convention agenda, click here.

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Are you an NP looking to gain knowledge in your field? You're invited to attend the 2014 DNA Annual Convention’s NP Forum, to be held May 1 to 2. By attending the forum you will have access to a wide array of presentations on innovative topics covering an array of dermatology subspecialties. The forum uses the latest literature reviews, new developments in dermatology and attendee-submitted requests to formulate the deep and diverse list of topics that will be discussed at the Forum. If you would like more information on what will be featured at this year’s forum, click here

Our most popular sessions for 2014 is a luncheon symposium entitled "Innovative Therapeutics," scheduled Thursday, May 1 from 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM, presented by Theodore Rosen, MD.

Two additional Nurse Practitioners Dermoscopy Workshops are scheduled on Saturday, May 3. Part 1 is scheduled 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM and Part 2 is scheduled at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM. These sessions will be presented by Ashfaq A. Marghoob, MD. Which sessions are you most looking forward to? 

DNA is dedicated to providing advanced information and education to its members, and this forum is one of the ways it does so every year. Be sure to check it out!

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We’ve crossed the threshold of 2014 and can finally see the annual convention on the horizon. With the hubbub of the holiday season having died down, we can set our focus on the coming goals and deadlines for 2014. One such deadline is for the submission of poster abstracts. If you are interested in submitting a poster abstract for the 2014 Annual Meeting, you must do so by January 24th. The categories are as follows:

·         Research

·         Education

·         Community Initiatives

·         International Collaboration and Processes

·         Culture and Diversity

·         Health Policy and Advocacy

For more information regarding the submission of poster abstracts, please refer to the official submission form here.  

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Are you looking to earn credit for your specialty area while attending the 2014 Conference? Then the DNA Convention is right for you!  Here is a cheat sheet of  the opportunities you will have to earn credit hours while at Convention:


Nurse Practitioner Forum

May 1, 2014

Periocular Lessons- 1.0 contact hour

Evidence-Based Practice Principles: Improving Practice- 1.0 contact hour

STD Update- 1.0 contact hour

Gruesome Groins-1.0 contact hour

Innovative Therapeutics- 1.0 contact hour

Bites an Stings- 1.0 contact hour


May 2, 2014

Cutaneous Manifestation of Systematic Disease- 1.0 contact hour

Autoimmune Blistering Diseases (AIBD)- 1.0 contact hour

Under the Microscope: Bullous Disorders at a Glance- 1.0 contact hour

Vascular Lessons in the Pediatric Population- 1.0 contact hour

Acne- 1.0 contact hour


Main Program

May 3, 2014

Robin Weber Symposium- 1.0 contact hour

Dermoscopy Workshop Part 1- 2.0 contact hours

Dermoscopy Workshop Part 2- 1.0 contact hour


May 4, 2014

Plenary Session: Skin of Africa- 1.0 contact hour

Plenary Sessions: Psoriasis Variants- 1.0 contact hour

Advocacy 101- 1.0 contact hour


If you would like any more information regarding earning credit at Convention, please visit:

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For all the NPs looking to make their way to Orlando for the 2014 Annual Convention, we have some news that might interest you. The 2014 Annual Convention’s NP Forum will be held on May 1st-2nd, the first two days of the convention. This event is targeted to the NPs who want to sharpen up on the latest developments in the field. By attending the forum you will have access to a wide array of presentations on various interest areas and specializations. The forum uses the latest literature reviews, new developments in dermatology and attendee-submitted requests to formulate the deep and diverse list of topics that will be discussed at the Forum. If you would like more information on what will be featured at this year’s forum, check right here:

Our most popular sessions for 2014 are “Innovative Therapeutics” a luncheon symposium scheduled on Thursday, May 1st from 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM presented by Theodore Rosen, MD. Part 1 beginning at 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM and Part 2 beginning at 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM presented by Ashfaq A. Marghoob,MD, and following the forum there are two additional Dermoscopy Workshops for NPs scheduled on Saturday, May 3rd. Which sessions are you most looking forward to attending?

DNA is dedicated to providing the most advanced information and education possible to its members, and this forum is one of the ways it does so every year. Be sure to check it out! 

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With Thanksgiving mere hours away, DNA wanted everyone to know how thankful we are to be the association of choice for dermatology nurses everywhere. Collectively, our members have such a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and skill that it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that they are able to provide unrivaled care and attention to their patients on a day-to-day basis.

We also hope that you are thankful for DNA. We hope that we provide you with a strong support system and network of colleagues with whom interacting and collaborating is a pleasure. We hope that this system drives all of our members toward continuing to transform and evolve within their field. Additionally, we are thankful that we get to spend May 1st-4th in the Happiest Place on Earth with the people who make being a part of DNA so great.

Most importantly, however, we at DNA hope that you are able to take inventory of all the things truly worth being thankful for this season: Family, friends, and good health are vastly important things that are often taken for granted by many. We want to wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings, and hope that this is the start a of a wonderful holiday season for you and your family. 

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While you are in Orlando for the 2014 Annual Meeting, you will have the unique opportunity to partake in the Joan Shelk Fundamentals of Phototherapy Workshop on May 1st. This workshop was started as a way to honor DNA Past President Joan Shelk, who developed the organization’s first workshops. This is a great way to use the conference setting as a way to facilitate the next stage of your professional evolution. Workshops like these can be a cornerstone to developing a well-rounded, unique skill set.

The Fundamentals of Phototherapy is an intensive one-day training for those administering light therapy under a doctor's supervision. This workshop covers psoriasis and other photo-responsive skin diseases: PUVA, narrow and broad band UVB therapy, equipment operation and metering, and other responsibilities associated with phototherapy administration. Participants who complete this workshop in its entirety will be awarded 7.0 contact hours.

The objectives of this activity:

1.      Identify photoresponsive skin disorders, and desired outcomes of treatment.

2.      Describe grades and management of erythema and pruritus.

3.      Understand how Ultraviolet works. Differentiate Ultraviolet UVB from UVA, and protection against both. Understand differences in protocols for both.

4.      Recognize differences of internally and externally metered equipment. Identify types of lamps used in phototherapy.

5.      Describe ways to shield and appropriate shielding during phototherapy. Understanding why to shield during treatment.

6.      Describe what makes a successful phototherapy unit and some pitfalls. Share experiences and provide time for Q&A.

The opportunity to take part in such a groundbreaking course is one of the many ways in which conference presents you with ways to transform your career. This is a truly groundbreaking opportunity, and one DNA is proud to offer at this year’s annual meeting. Registration for the convention workshop will open soon so check back to for the latest information. 

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Before you know it you will be packing your bags for Orlando with your mind both reflecting upon and anticipating the transformation and evolution of your career. You will spend May 1st-4th networking with your peers in the industry, taking in presentations, and enriching your career in various ways. But, at some point, you will step away with the intention of experiencing the city. We’re here to help you do that. We’ve established a list of things that you should make a point to do while you are in town.

Discovery Cove
Rated the #1 attraction in Orlando by, Discovery Cove presents an opportunity for you to not only step away from work for a moment, but to immerse yourself in aquatic life. The park’s seemingly boundless options allow you to interact with the creatures that make up the aquatic ecosystem from the creatures that live beneath the surface and those that fly above it. Hang out with dolphins and snorkel among fish that will expand your brain’s color wheel tenfold, but be sure to check out the Explorer’s Aviary as well. If it sounds a lot like SeaWorld, it’s because a Discovery Cove Day Resort package includes unlimited admission to SeaWorld and Aquatica (the SeaWorld waterpark) as well. For more information, visit their site:

Walt Disney World
Of course, you will be staying in Walt Disney World®, but we hope you venture beyond the Swan and Dolphin. The sprawling complex allows you to go around the world, explore nature, blizzards and typhoons, eating, drinking, dancing, golfing—you’ll find it all in front of you when you step outside your hotel. When you aren’t listening to a motivational speech or reviewing poster abstracts, there will be plenty to explore within Walt Disney World® alone.  For more info:

There are over 20 golf courses in the area for you to visist. While you can’t be expected to play 360 holes of golf with convention going on, this would be the place to try! With convention taking place in early May, it will be prime season to hit the links (not that you need to be reminded, but be sure to bring a visor and sunscreen). If you are a golf enthusiast, you are going to love this year’s convention site. For a list of all the golf courses in the area, check here:

Kennedy Space Center
What better way to get away from it all for a few hours than to take yourself to the brink of space? The Kennedy Space Center presents an opportunity for you to get a behind-the-scenes look at how NASA explores the cosmos. Between the Space Shuttle Atlantis, Astronaut Training Experience, and Lunch with an Astronaut, you’ll find yourself filled with extraterrestrial knowledge after leaving the space center. For more info:

Lake Eola Park
This park is positioned as the oasis in the heart of downtown Orlando. For a few quiet hours between yourself and the lake’s swans, take a stroll down Rosalind Avenue. Take swan boats or gondolas out onto the lake for fun, or gaze upon the Lake Eola Fountain, which is representative of the city itself, as its logo. There is plenty to do at Lake Eola Park, and most importantly, there is plenty that you can simply do there for free. If you’d like to find out more about Lake Eola Park, check here:







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Donna Hartley will be this year’s keynote speaker. Hartley has an astounding story: She has survived three life-threatening events, all of which occurred on March 1st. In 1978 she survived a DC-10 plane crash and testified to help strengthen airline safety regulations. In 2006 she survived open heart surgery and now advocates for women’s health programs. However, in 2002, she was diagnosed with stage III melanoma, and has since been a prominent spokesperson for skin cancer awareness. As a leading advocate for skin cancer awareness, she lends a powerful voice to a crucial issue for anyone attending the conference. Hartley has penned three books, Fire Up Your Life, Fire Up Your Intuition, and, Fire Up Your Healing. She is one of the most renowned motivational speakers for conferences across the nation, and will make a great addition to this year’s conference.